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 $75.00/hr for business customers & in-home residential customers.
            $65.00/hr at my shop, there is a 1 hr minimum.


              The prices are negotiable. Some things I will just charge a flat fee for.

 You will find that my prices are very competitive and they are less than any store charges.


Please note that should the job become too time consuming (and thus, more expensive for you), I will offer to take your machine back to my workshop where the discounted rate of $65/hr will apply. My workshop is fully equipped to handle the toughest of repairs and most intricate new-builds. If your machine requires new parts, I will be more than happy to purchase them at wholesale and pass the savings along to you.

Does your computer have one of the following problems?

  • Slow performance
  • Internet Explorer errors or lockups
  • Excessive pop-up advertisements 
  • Home page keeps changing
  • Email or Internet access a lot slower
  • System lockups
  • Blue Screens
  • Slow computer


I offer the following solutions and services:

* Server/PC/Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

* Tune Ups (your computer will run faster!)

* Virus/Spyware Detection and Removal

* Repair damage/corrupt Windows operating system

* Transfer Data from Old to New System

* Backup Data

* Install critical Windows updates and patches

* Install/upgrade Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista/Windows 7

* Router/DSL/Cable/Broadband Internet Sharing / Troubleshooting

* Wire/Wireless Networks for Multiple PCs

* Install Memory (RAM), Hard Drive, CD/DVD Drive, modem, change motherboard, processor, other internal cards and external devices such as printer, scanner, fax...and more.

* I can also setup security cameras for your home and business. You can monitor your cameras 24/7 on your remote computer and or your smart phone.

DO NOT fall prey to the fake "Virus software" that has been popping up all over the internet. They can cost you a lot of money and down time. I can fix these issues and keep them from happening in the future. 


This is an example of a "Fake Antivirus Popup" and can do serious damage to your computer